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Omnica: Precision Manufacturing + Scientific Nutrition

Omnica is Japan's leading innovation center for science-based nutritional solutions. With multiple operations based in Tokyo, Omnica uniquely combines precision contract manufacturing with production of science-based ingredients.

At Omnica, the use of exacting analytical tools, ISO pharmaceutical class clean rooms and meticulous raw material qualification ensures our customers receive products with superior safety and efficacy.

Founded on our core fundamentals of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), Japanese efficiency and kaizen principles, Omnica adheres to the highest global standards for product quality, traceability and efficacy. Through these principles, Omnica offers our customers both exceptional quality and value for product manufacturing across a range of dietary supplement and food products.

Omnica's Core Values:

Quality & Evidence

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OMNICA Co., Ltd.

Tokyo Office: 4-21-7 Itabashi, Itabashi-ku, Tokyo 173-0004 Japan
Phone (Sales dept.): +81-(0)3-5944-4202